About Us


Dongguan Luosen Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The production department was established in 2013, specializing in the production of adult products and sex toys. The products produced by our company include female vibrators, AV sticks, G-point sticks, simulated penis, and male airplanes. Cups, penis sets, prostate massagers, etc., especially the injection molding process of TPE products has been recognized by the industry. We provide OEM and ODM services for world-class brands;

Our company has nearly 100 employees, including injection molding production workshop, liquid silicone production workshop, finished product assembly workshop, mold production workshop, business department and quality department.

Sex toys for men and women to enhance the interest of couples’ lives and release sexual pressure for singles

More than a dozen patent certificates

Injection molding machine, spark machine, grinder bed, vacuum machine, oven, reaction kettle, dispersion machine, assembly line, steam packaging machine.

Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and other places.

Provide product design, OEM, sample production after sample confirmation, promptly communicate with customers and provide solutions for problems encountered in the production process, and the products are fully inspected before packaging.